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We want everyone to have as much fun as is humanly possible.

To ensure that EVERYONE enjoys their visit, take a minute to review these policies before you head out so you can be assured of a hassle-free good time!

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  • Seating is limited to first-come, first-serve. There are no reserved seats
  • Generally, the area in front of the stage is standing room only. There is seating located around the periphery of the room. Select events may have different seating arrangements and will be noted as such in the event details on our event schedule
  • There is a VIP balcony level over the performance area, which has a commanding view of the stage. The VIP level is available for select events as noted in the event details on our event schedule
  • We have a full-service restaurant and a lounge which are separate from each other and from the performance area. Made to order food is available at any location, though selections may be vary in each room
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Event Admissions

Our event venue (aka "club") is a separate, adjoining room to our restaurant and bar & lounge area.

Phase 2 Dining & Entertainment is well known for providing a fun, safe and entertaining atmosphere in which to enjoy great food, music, entertainment and friends. In order to assure this atmosphere is maintained, the following policies apply to club admissions:

  • You must be age 21 or up to be admitted into the club for an event, unless specifically noted in the event details. For select events, we may allow admission to those under 21. Please read our Under 21 admission policy.
  • A picture ID is required for admission into the event venue. Only a passport, military ID, DMV ID card or front-view driver's license will be accepted. College IDs and employee IDs are not acceptable.
  • You must carry your identification on you at all times. Be prepared to show your ID at any time to any bartender, wait staff, security, or manager who requests it.
  • You must adhere to the dress code to be admitted.
  • No outside food or beverages are allowed.
  • We enforce a NO RE-ADMITTANCE policy. When you leave the building, you must be ready to leave the premises.
  • Please be attentive to any items that may be a used as a weapon, including a pocketknife. Management may search anyone or scan anyone with a metal detector at anytime. If security finds any item that appears threatening, you will be asked to leave the premises.
  • We may deny admission to any person for any reason at our discretion and based on individual circumstances, though we won't be capricious about it.
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Dining & Early Admission

Our restaurant is open to everyone, even on concert nights. Our bar & lounge is also open to everyone, even on concert nights. You do not need a concert ticket to dine in either our restaurant or our bar & lounge. The club, restaurant and bar & lounge are each separate, adjoining rooms. Most entertainment events take place in the club.

For most ticketed events, you have general admission and early admission options to the club.

For select events, we may offer a buffet in the club. If you purchase the club buffet, you may eat in the club before the club is opened to general admission. You may purchase the buffet at the admissions desk, when you present your ticket for the event.

You'll want to arrive early to give yourself plenty of time to enjoy your dinner before general admission starts. If you are not purchasing the buffet or dinner in the restaurant, you can relax in our lounge or lobby until the club doors open for general admission. Food may be purchased in the club from our club menu.

On rare occasions, the performers may not be ready as scheduled, which in-turn may delay the scheduled admission time. We'll try to get you admitted as soon as we're able. In the mean-time you can relax in our lounge or lobby until the club doors open.

Periodically we may host a private event which requires us to close one or more rooms or the entire facility to the public. Such events will be noted in our Event Schedule.

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Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control

Phase 2 Dining and Entertainment is licensed by the State of Virginia to sell beer, wine and liquor on-premise. Alcohol beverages are provided to meet the expectations of our adult guests. However, Phase 2 Dining and Entertainment and our local Law Enforcement both take alcohol consumption very seriously. Therefore, we strictly enforce Virginia's ABC laws through the following policies, as required under the terms of our license:

  • You must be at least 21 years of age to purchase or consume alcohol beverages
  • No beverages may be consumed in the parking lot
  • No outside beverages may be brought onto the premises
  • If you attempt to conceal outside beverages, you will be banned from the facility indefinitely
  • Intoxicated persons will not be admitted onto the premises, regardless of age. Furthermore, if you drink just before you arrive (pre-loading) and signs of intoxication do not appear until after you are admitted, you will be banned from the facility indefinitely
  • No beverages may be taken outside the building
  • No one may consume alcohol beverages after 2am
  • Fighting, indecent exposure and other non-sociable actitivies are not permitted and may result in being banned from the facility indefinitely

Phase 2 Dining and Entertainment staff may refuse to sell alcohol beverages to any person for any reason. If you are becoming intoxicated, you will not be served additional alcohol beverages.

Uniformed and plain-clothed security personnel and other staff are present throughout the club. Plain-clothed Law Enforcement Officers are also frequently present.

To read more about Virginia ABC law, please visit

Be responsible when consuming alcohol and please use a designated driver. Cab services are also available. Don't hesitate to ask for assistance! Please Drink Responsibly!

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Under 21 Admissions

For select events, we may allow admission to persons under 21 years of age. Admissions policies can vary for these events, so please take note of any special conditions that may apply for that particular event in our event listings. In any case:

  • Under no circumstances may any person under 21 purchase or consume alcohol beverages.
  • Any person under 21 years of age that attempts to purchase, acquire, conceal or consume alcohol beverages will be banned from the facility indefinitely (this means well after you turn 21, and possibly forever.)
  • Any person that assists an underage patron in attempting to acquire alcohol, regardless of age or relationship, will also be banned from the facility indefinitely.
  • If we discover that your ID is fake, or if you attempt to circumvent our enforcement measures (such as hand stamps and wrist bands), you will be banned from the facility indefinitely.
  • Underage consumption of alcohol beverages is a violation of Virginia's ABC laws and therefore violators are subject to arrest by law enforcement.
  • Your tickets are non-refundable.

Phase 2 Dining and Entertainment and our local Law Enforcement both take underage drinking very seriously. Uniformed and plain-clothed security personnel and other staff are present throughout the club. Plain-clothed Law Enforcement Officers are also frequently present.

If you're under 21, we hope you appreciate and respect the opportunity to attend these events. These events should be fun for all of us, but the behavior of one person can prohibit us from permitting under 21 admissions in the future. Let your friends know that going to a concert is cool, but drinking underage spoils the fun for everyone. Underage drinking is not cool.

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Dress Code

Our dress code will vary depending on the event and other circumstances. Unless otherwise noted in our event schedule, all events are casual dress.

For select events noted in our event schedule, a more restrictive code may apply. Keep in mind that attending Phase 2 is a social event so please dress to fit the occasion.

Baggy clothes

To comply with Virginia's ABC laws, we have to be able to monitor what items are brought into the club. Baggy clothes make that difficult to do. Unless our security staff is comfortable that nothing is hidden, we will not admit you into the facility.

General Dress Policies

You may not be admitted if wearing the following items:

  • Sweats or athletic wear, torn or soiled clothing
  • Profanity, salacious and non-commercial logos on clothing
  • Shirtless vests, jackets, muscle shirts or tank tops on men
  • Excessively baggy clothing

Event-Specific Policies

In addition to the general dress code above, the following codes may be in place during specific events as noted in our event schedule:

Casual Dress Code:
Dress to fit the occasion, but please do not dress sloppy or indecent
Dress to Impress Code:
Dress to impress! Collared shirts are required. No hats or headgear allowed. Shirts hanging below wrists or pants pockets must be tucked into pants. You will be asked to leave if your shirt is not kept tucked-in.


We may deny admission to any person for any reason at our discretion and based on individual circumstances. Adhering to the above guidelines alone does not ensure you are dressed properly. Proper dress depends on the occasion. Management may modify the dress code according to seasonality, promotions and types of entertainment. If in doubt, dress up or ASK US!

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Inclement Weather

In case of inclement weather, please give us a call before you head out. We may be closed! On occasion, our scheduled acts get snowed-in but we’re not. So, we may have to substitute with another band or DJ.

For events with tickets sold in advance, it's typically up to the performer to decide whether to cancel the show. Generally, if the performer makes it to Phase 2, the show will go on regardless of weather. Please drive carefully and please call us first!

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Some artists are particular about photos and videos. As a general rule, photography or videography are NOT permitted. Still photos are often permitted at shows, but it is event specific. Video cameras are rarely permitted. As a practical matter, camera-phones are permitted but you may be asked by our security to keep the phone down. In short, if you bring a camera just know that you may be required to put it back in your car. If you're a professional, you must get permission from the artist (not us).

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Policy Violations

Violation of our policies may result in being asked to leave the premises. Furthermore, you may be barred from the club indefinitely. Failure to leave the premises when asked is considered trespassing.

If you are asked to leave the premise, tickets and admissions costs will not be refunded.

All policies are subject to change at any time.