Central Virginia's preeminent concert venue, Phase 2 Dining & Entertainment features a full-service restaurant, banquet and meeting rooms and a large concert hall. We offer a variety of entertainment such as live music, dancing and comedy. Our entertainment events and music genres vary from night to night, so please check our event schedule. Our restaurant, bar & lounge, banquet room and concert hall are separate rooms, which offer a unique combination of venues for our guests to enjoy:

  • Book your wedding receptions, business meetings and private functions in our banquet room and VIP lounge
  • Enjoy a fine-dining experience in our full-service restaurant
  • Relax in our Sports Bar and Lounge to watch your favorite game or race on one of several HDTVs. Our Restaurant and Sports Bar are generally open to the public, even during concerts and special events (check our event schedule.)
  • See nationally-recognized musicians in our concert hall. Our concert hall is generally open to the public on most weekends but may be rented for private functions also. Admission charges are typically required to enter the concert hall. Please check our event schedule for details.

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Phase 2 Restaurant and Lounge

This Week's Events

Phase 2 Dance PartyPhase 2 Dance PartyWednesday, November 26th, 2014
Experience Phase 2's Dance Party! Dance all night with our house DJ spinning your favorite Top 40 and old school dance tunes by request

Ticket & Time Info
  • Bar & Lounge opens at 4PM
  • Restaurant opens at 5PM
  • Club opens at 9PM
  • Club Admission: Free with the purchase of a dinner entree ($12.95 or more) from our restaurant. Otherwise, $8 cash-only at the club door and subject to increase after midnight (ATM is located in the lobby).
  • "Impress Dress" code applies, which means you must have collared shirt, no headgear and no baggie pants

DJ-Kool with DJ NoyzDJ-Kool with DJ NoyzFriday, November 28th, 2014
You know you can STOP TRAFFIC!
DJ Kool wants you to show it at the Traffic Jam! Red, Yellow and Green will paint the scene and bein' bumper-to-bumper has never been so KOOL! Come feel the heat and the NOYZ!

Upcoming Feature Events

Soul ChristmasSoul ChristmasSaturday, December 27th, 2014

Tickets on sale now!

Featuring The Soul of DC, VYBE BAND with DJ Marvelous and DJ Footloose!

Vybe started as a R&B cover band in the Washington/ Maryland area in 2002.

Eventually Vybe layered their R&B sound over D.C.'s GO-GO pocket leading way to one of the most highly sought GoGo Bands since the Godfather of GoGo Chuck Brown.

Born in the 70's, GoGo music provides a blend of gospel, latino, pop, jazz, intense percussions, horn and drum influences accompanied by amazing vocals.
Dress to Impress!

New Years Eve Bash!New Years Eve Bash!Wednesday, December 31st, 2014
It's time once again for Lynchburg's Premier New Years Eve Celebration!
This year we've made it FUNKY! You'll dance-in the new year like never before with the Vibrant and Soulful Sounds of Funky Bone!
You'll hear James Brown, Prince, Rick James, Lenny Kravits, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Parliament, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, Daft Punk...if its funky, soulful, edgy, wild, crazy, its Funky Bone material.

Party Favors and a Champagne Toast will help cap off the old year, but the party won't stop until well into 2015!

And to make sure 2015 knows YOU have arrived, Show up in style with a special New Years Eve dinner upstairs in the V.I.P! You'll get a bird's eye view of the party from the balcony of the sumptuous VIP Lounge with it's own fully stocked bar, regal seating and only other VIP's to rub elbows with! It's YOUR year!

The LACS in ConcertSaturday, February 7th, 2015
The LACS which is the famous short abbreviation of the Loud Ass Crackers are from the sandy dirt roads of Baxley, Georgia.   Hip hop artist Clay "Uncle Snap" Sharpe and lead vocalist / guitarist Brian "Rooster" King have a blue collar background and have worked shutdowns with the union and framed many a house to earn enough money keep their music dreams alive. And ALIVE it is!  Their HICK HOP and southern rock sound is stronger than the moonshine they drink.  Fresh, Real, and a sign of the times, these country boys take urban vibes 4-wheelin' to the county line like no others.

Shooter Jennings with Waymore's OutlawsSaturday, February 21st, 2015

When a man named "Shooter", with a son named "Blackjack" surrounds himself with a band of "Outlaws" you know what you're in for...especially when that man's father is Waylon Jennings and that band of outlaws is Waymore's Outlaws - Waylon Jennings original band! Get ready for a night of raucous, hard-hitting rebellious country!

Shooter was raised surrounded by legends and has been making music since the age of 5 when he started pounding out his own beat on the drums.

Moving on to piano, and then to guitar Shooter explored the music of his generation as he delved into the world of Outlaw Rock, and with Mark Knopfler a close family friend you can imagine the guitar lessons were on point!
As he moved on into adulthood, Shooter turned back to his country roots, bringing with him his own blend of hard rock, southern outlaw rock and real traditional country.

The legend continues! Don't miss it!

Phase 2 is a non smoking venue! Designated smoking area on premises.
Phase 2 Dance Party
Wednesday, November 26th
DJ-Kool with DJ Noyz
Friday, November 28th
Soul Christmas
Saturday, December 27th
New Years Eve Bash!
Wednesday, December 31st
The LACS in Concert
Saturday, February 7th
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