Central Virginia's preeminent concert venue, Phase 2 Dining & Entertainment features a full-service restaurant, banquet and meeting rooms and a large concert hall. We offer a variety of entertainment such as live music, dancing and comedy. Our entertainment events and music genres vary from night to night, so please check our event schedule. Our restaurant, bar & lounge, banquet room and concert hall are separate rooms, which offer a unique combination of venues for our guests to enjoy:

  • Book your wedding receptions, business meetings and private functions in our banquet room and VIP lounge
  • Enjoy a fine-dining experience in our full-service restaurant
  • Relax in our Sports Bar and Lounge to watch your favorite game or race on one of several HDTVs. Our Restaurant and Sports Bar are generally open to the public, even during concerts and special events (check our event schedule.)
  • See nationally-recognized musicians in our concert hall. Our concert hall is generally open to the public on most weekends but may be rented for private functions also. Admission charges are typically required to enter the concert hall. Please check our event schedule for details.

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Phase 2 Restaurant and Lounge

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AARON LEWIS in ConcertFriday, April 24th, 2015

Tickets on sale now!

This grammy-nominated artist performs from his heart, his soul, his life. Aaron received two Academy of Country Music nominations for "Vocal Event of the Year" for "Country Boy", and continues to garner praise from the country music world for his latest full length work "The Road". No matter which end of the dial you know him from, you'll find his center rooted in gritty yet fertile singer-songwriter tradition.

"Life is circular. Country just came back to me. It's like the acoustic thing. I did that before the band... This is full circle because this was the first music I was ever exposed to as a child." ~AARON LEWIS

Everything Country Fest!Everything Country Fest!Saturday, April 25th, 2015
High Noon to Sundown OUTSIDE at Phase 2 Club in Lynchburg!

What is Everything Country?

First it's great country Music! Anderson Garage Doors and Load Trail of Lynchburg invite you to check out some of the best in regional country music from Rare Form, Taylor Rodriguez, Rutledge, and Low Low Chariot. PLUS Nashville recording artist Cody Purvis!

Get the Low Down Here!

Taylor Rodriguez and the BRB BandTaylor Rodriguez and the BRB BandSaturday, May 30th, 2015

Tickets on sale now!

Taylor Rodriguez AS Elvis? OR Taylor Rodriguez IS Elvis? Discuss...

At only 17 years old, Taylor Rodriguez has captured the style, the passion and the sound that brings delight to all that experience his tribute to the King! Young and Not-So-Young will enjoy this glimpse into the past and feel the power and showmanship that defined the birth of Rock and Roll!

Shooter Jennings with Waymore's OutlawsFriday, June 19th, 2015

Tickets on sale now!

When a man named "Shooter", with a son named "Blackjack" surrounds himself with a band of "Outlaws" you know what you're in for...especially when that man's father is Waylon Jennings and that band of outlaws is Waymore's Outlaws - Waylon Jennings original band! Get ready for a night of raucous, hard-hitting rebellious country!

Shooter was raised surrounded by legends and has been making music since the age of 5 when he started pounding out his own beat on the drums.

Moving on to piano, and then to guitar Shooter explored the music of his generation as he delved into the world of Outlaw Rock, and with Mark Knopfler a close family friend you can imagine the guitar lessons were on point!
As he moved on into adulthood, Shooter turned back to his country roots, bringing with him his own blend of hard rock, southern outlaw rock and real traditional country.

The legend continues! Don't miss it!

Phase 2 is a non smoking venue! Designated smoking area on premises.
AARON LEWIS in Concert
Friday, April 24th
Rare Form
Saturday, April 25th
Dance Party with DJ Ed
Friday, May 1st
Cinco de Mayo Party
Saturday, May 2nd
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